studio a acting class




During this extraordinary time actors are letting us know how much you still need to train. More than ever you need to push your creative limits. In a safe, exclusive private space!


This wave will pass and there will be a surplus of need for content and filling roles and an actor... always prepares. So we have created a highly affordable, interactive space for you to create and put the work in at Studio A Acting Class - ONLINE!


Both experienced or brand new actors are welcome from anywhere in the world!


The classes are: WEDNESDAY'S /4PM-6PM (Pacific Time)


We will send you the ZOOM invite and code for the login to the classroom.  


Each class is 90 minutes.


THE FIRST CLASS: You will need to have a monologue prepared. A half page or less. Something you connect to. There are also free monologue websites out there to choose from as well. After that, we will be sending you all scripts to work on. 


Our sessions will always be a live interactive Virtual Classroom with Waymon & Jake using the platform called “Zoom” (


You will be immersed in all facets of our #1 Top-Rated system. 


Script analysis / Auditioning Class / Guest Star auditioning / Commercial auditioning / Cold reads / Eyelines / Vocal control / Script breakdowns / Motivated-blocking / Continuity / Active verbs / Lenses & shots / On-camera tricks & tips. 


A wealth of tools for every actor!

What do I need?

You will need a strong wifi and a computer, laptop, notebook or phone with a decent camera.


External USB cameras/headphones/earbuds/mics are welcome too! 

11927 Sherman Road Unit 2, North Hollywood, 91605